Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Renovating a motel room is quiet exciting. 

This room didn't have the whole kitchen as it has in this photo. 
Over the summer of 2016, I hired a contractor, plumber and electrician 
to put this kitchen in 5 rooms.

Now, 20 out of 22 rooms have kitchen in it. 

It all costs money and stress but its all worth investing.

Give us a call to book one of these rooms now. 

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

 Wow, what a progress! It is something that I'd like to tell everyone for an old, small motel like mine.

 I am a fairly younger person to be a motel owner that I'd like to have a good TV and internet service. You know what I mean. It sucks when the internet does not work properly.

 I've been working on the Cable TV and Internet service in this motel for ever since I took over this motel 4 years ago. It has been getting better after changing the internet provider to Shaw. They re-wired everything to upgrade the cable TV service a couple years ago. The technicians were in the attics going through 6 buildings putting new cables in it, one of them is 120 feet long.

 The Cable TV was upgraded but now it was a turn for the internet. I tried to work it out trying different options such as putting more modems from Shaw, range extenders from Future shop technicians. It worked not too bad but still had a few grey spots that I got complains from.

 Finally I had a call from Shaw business motel and hotel Department, telling me about a new "state of art" internet coverage program they just launched for motels and hotels. Yes, I was interested.The cost was descent compared to the service upgrade.

 However, the sales representative and I started working on it from April 2014. I was sure it would be done by a few months back then. Instead, I finally got it done a few days ago and today is January 20/2015.

 There were three technicians working full time for three days in my motel. Putting lots of equipment and cables going through attics and each rooms. I felt my motel is overly well treated.

 Finally, after all the work of Shaw that I really appreciated, this small old motel has HD Cable TVs all through the rooms and awesome Wireless internet having no grey zones at all. Well they made sure they were over covering it, which I like.

 Today I just got a phone call from a hotel and motel sales representative telling me that this motel now has the wireless Internet service that only the top of the line hotels have. Hey, I did like that comment. Also, these 39 HD channels on my TV, well the picture is so much clear that I felt I was watching a Blue ray movie.

 Please, come and check it out and bring your Xbox or Play station with you to stay in my motel.

 Thank you.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The best moment of 2013


I found 2013 was very interesting!

My family had a chance to bring my wife's parents here in Canada.
It was their first flight of their lives.
They had to fly around 20 hours to get to Calgary.
And again they had to stay in my car for another 3 1/2 hours.
That was a long journey for them to visit their grand kids.

They were very pleased to see the way my family live in Canada. 

One time, we were driving by an outskirt of the City of Medicine Hat. 
There was a harvested land with some leftovers at the edge of the land.
My father-in-law asked to stop the car. 

He grabbed the straw and said, "I'll be doing just fine if I can have this leftover."

I understood what he meant.
He is a farmer of his life long time. 
But the land is so tiny compared to the vast Canadian land.

That's exactly what I felt when I first saw the land on the highway.

I hope Canadians would understand how much they are blessed compared to others.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Joshua and Joy


This motel business is stable and the staffs know what to do without me telling them. It took about an year and a half to get here. My wife looks after the office while she is looking after kids. It is a good thing to be able to do that.

I started getting too comfortable and as well stressed, you know what I'm saying. So, I had to find something to do. First, I got a Class 1 drivers license. Second, I got a taxi cab driving job. And it has been 9 weeks since.

I don't know how but I started being able to see the business opportunity on this Taxi driving. And now I'm trying to buy a share to be an owner. If it goes well, I'll be driving my own Taxi Cab from December 15, 2012. 

My kids are doing awesome. Joshua is listening better than ever, Joy is doing something new and also started climbing everything possible. They bring me and my wife a happiness each every day. And it is a honor to have them as my kids. I know they belong to Jesus, as  I am.

The pursuit conference we had about last week was awesome.I didn't want to leave there for the lunch that had been scheduled. So my wife, kids and a caregiver went to a restaurant without me. I was glad that I made a good decision for my soul.

God bless.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hot days and Air Conditioning.


It's been 1 year and a half since I started running this motel. 
And our life got busy then ever.
You know the kids and the rest of the story. Haha.

It is a very happy season of my family.
They are growing and growing doing something new 
each every week. 
And also, get me worried from time to time.

Last year, my central air conditioner which was about 1970's broke down.
We didn't fix or replace it until today.
The weather had been so hot and wet at the same time.

Since Joshua's on his wheelchair daily basis, his poor back got heat rashes all over.
That was a little bit sad and depressing.
But other then that, life is good and we are grateful for that.

Speaking of the Hat motel, we get most of time full. 
But somehow we have 5 units empty.
Well, this Motel had never been better than now in 20 years at least.
That's what the locals say.
For this, I'm satisfied. 

I strongly believe that God provides. 
In Him, I take my refuge. 
Even when it comes to my business.

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wow. Nice weather and a story to share

 Lucky to have this kind of warm weather. 

 Ice's melting again in the middle of winter.

 I can't complain about this.

 A story to share 
 Yesterday, around 1:30pm my wife called me in a hurry,
 I only asked my wife where the iron is, and she was looking for that and 
 she found out there was fountain going on in Joy's room next to my bedroom.
 Joy doesn't use that room, and nobody really uses it since it is kind of cold. 
 Especially daytime usually nobody needs to go that room.

 I needed the iron for making a kitchen cupboards my maintenance guy had been working on.

 Under the kitchen sink, the cold water supply line was come off from the pipe splashing the water everywhere.
 And the carpet was soaked crazy wet. 
 I was plugging down the supply line and put the line to the pipe and asked my wife to turn on the tap so the water pressure can be lowered. 

 I asked my wife to call the maintenance guy who was working at the shop in the other building. She was a sprinter and the maintenance guy of 72 years old was flying running. He thought it was a fire or something after this he told me. 

 It wasn't a fire but it surly made me sweating and I was soaked wet by pressing down the line to the pipe. 

 I was so grateful for the maintenance guy was there to help me since he only works 2 days a week. And that I was asking my wife the iron and she went to grab the iron in Joy's room and found out the water splashing. And that everybody responded so fast and so efficient. I thank God for that.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Joy came to my Family.

Wow. Happy New Year to you.

My family is blessed with this little one.
She is now 3 months and isn't little anymore. 

Whenever she smiles that brings me joy in my soul.
She is so warm when I hold her in my arms,
that warms my heart so deeply.