Saturday, June 11, 2011

Welcome to Hat Motel

 Having a homepage makes it much easier for me to explain 
what kind of mindset I have on running this motel.

 I want to explain what mindset I have as a steward of this motel.

 I want to make sure we are running it right.

 I want to see clients smiling when they leave.

 I want to make sure that I would be able to recommend my church friends to stay in this motel.

 I want to make sure the people staying in this motel would be the people my children will be OK to hangout.

 I want to make sure this motel is contributing to the community instead of taking advantages from it.

 I want to get to know those clients and befriend with them.

 I want to see some people who are in crisis would come and take a rest in here.

1 comment:

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