Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wow. Nice weather and a story to share

 Lucky to have this kind of warm weather. 

 Ice's melting again in the middle of winter.

 I can't complain about this.

 A story to share 
 Yesterday, around 1:30pm my wife called me in a hurry,
 I only asked my wife where the iron is, and she was looking for that and 
 she found out there was fountain going on in Joy's room next to my bedroom.
 Joy doesn't use that room, and nobody really uses it since it is kind of cold. 
 Especially daytime usually nobody needs to go that room.

 I needed the iron for making a kitchen cupboards my maintenance guy had been working on.

 Under the kitchen sink, the cold water supply line was come off from the pipe splashing the water everywhere.
 And the carpet was soaked crazy wet. 
 I was plugging down the supply line and put the line to the pipe and asked my wife to turn on the tap so the water pressure can be lowered. 

 I asked my wife to call the maintenance guy who was working at the shop in the other building. She was a sprinter and the maintenance guy of 72 years old was flying running. He thought it was a fire or something after this he told me. 

 It wasn't a fire but it surly made me sweating and I was soaked wet by pressing down the line to the pipe. 

 I was so grateful for the maintenance guy was there to help me since he only works 2 days a week. And that I was asking my wife the iron and she went to grab the iron in Joy's room and found out the water splashing. And that everybody responded so fast and so efficient. I thank God for that.


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