Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Joshua and Joy


This motel business is stable and the staffs know what to do without me telling them. It took about an year and a half to get here. My wife looks after the office while she is looking after kids. It is a good thing to be able to do that.

I started getting too comfortable and as well stressed, you know what I'm saying. So, I had to find something to do. First, I got a Class 1 drivers license. Second, I got a taxi cab driving job. And it has been 9 weeks since.

I don't know how but I started being able to see the business opportunity on this Taxi driving. And now I'm trying to buy a share to be an owner. If it goes well, I'll be driving my own Taxi Cab from December 15, 2012. 

My kids are doing awesome. Joshua is listening better than ever, Joy is doing something new and also started climbing everything possible. They bring me and my wife a happiness each every day. And it is a honor to have them as my kids. I know they belong to Jesus, as  I am.

The pursuit conference we had about last week was awesome.I didn't want to leave there for the lunch that had been scheduled. So my wife, kids and a caregiver went to a restaurant without me. I was glad that I made a good decision for my soul.

God bless.


  1. AJ and Jodie Mildred and I are sorry to hear about I really liked him and I kno he loved dads cat Bonnie.
    This is Randy

  2. Yes, we are very blessed here in Canada, compared to other countries, and I am most grateful to you for reminding me of that fact. Thank you

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