Life is a long journey.
It can be a beautifully paved road,
that you only need to watch once in a while.

Or always bumpy road,
that you can make a choice to enjoy.

Joshua was born in 2007, December 13.

For 20 days after his birth, my wife took him to doctors since he didn't sleep nor eat.
And also had so much of rashes all over his body.
My wife was told to feed him better.
And another doctor, Dr. Vaz, he sent him to the medicine hat hospital in a hurry.

 After 20days of his birth, 

he was sent to the Calgary Children's Hospital,
in a intensive care unit.

He is diagnosed a Lesch Nyhan Syndrome.

Please check out this video 
for more knowledge of the disease.

When he was about 1 and a half years old. 
He is so cute. 

2012 Now he is 4 years old and a half.
A beautifully sorrowful little cute boy.

He uses 2 arm braces to protect him from biting his fingers.
And two ankle braces so he could
walk in his walker.

Also, he's got a little sister. Joy!!

This is a story so far on July 16, 2012

And I raise my kids in this Hat Motel.
So everybody be nice. Haha.

Thank you for reading.